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Family with dog on grass outside next to functionals oat petwash bottle with oats in front of it

Pets & sensitive skin?

✓ Colloidal oat helps to repair skin and hair whilst also soothing and moisturising irritated and itchy skin.

✓ Cleanses without irrtitation!

✓ Made for even the most sensitive pets as a soap-free, fragrance-free and pH balanced formula!

Functionals Handcream bottle with lavender sprigs next to woman holding and using handcream

Restore damaged skin

✓ Instantly nourishes dry skin whilst binding water for epidermal cell hydration and skin barrier restoration.

✓ Clinically reviewed to enhance skin softness, smoothness and reduce flaking by more than 50% over two weeks.

✓ Reduces irritation and peeling in sensitive and dry skin.