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About Us


At Functionals, function is our focus, safety is a priority. It’s simple, a product that does not function is the least sustainable product of all as 100% of the resources used to make the product is wasted. A product that is unsafe for use should not be used even if it works as it would only be detrimental overall. At Functionals we provide certified natural personal care products with active ingredients that have been scientifically backed to ensure real tangible results.

Certified Natural personal care

We all have a responsibility as residents of Earth to ensure a better future for us and the environment. Through the fusion of both nature and science, we are able to provide certified natural, effective and gentle personal care products that works, naturally. 

Don’t just take our world for it. Our products are independently certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) as COSMOS Natural, where our ingredients are also certified natural for safety, naturalness and responsible sourcing.

Effective products

Each of our products contain an active ingredient that has been scientifically tested for function. We believe that products that purely use ingredients for marketing claims for function are simply wasting resources as they are not required. It’s as simple as that.

Giving Back

We believe in social capitalism where although people’s efforts should be rewarded, we want to measure our success by how much we are able to give back through our products. In partnering with Compassion Australia, we support projects in supplying clean water, education and hope to the impoverished and vulnerable. We value integrity where Compassion Australia is independently audited to ensure that what you put in helps those in need.