Transform Your Pet's Skin with Our Natural Pet Shampoo!

Hypoallergenic, GMO free, Paraben free, Fragrance-free, Soap-free, Vegan friendly, Biodegradable, Ethical, Sustainable and does not contain Petroleum-derived ingredients

The gentlest dog shampoo ever!

Gentle Cleansing:

Made with only 100% certified natural ingredients, our pet shampoo is soap & fragrance-free and gently cleanses without any harsh chemicals.

Whether it's red itchy skin or eczema our dog shampoo is made to soothe. You can't get gentler than this.

Soothes skin and repairs hair & fur!

Soothing Relief:

Avena Sativa extract helps soothe irritated and sensitive skin, reducing itching and discomfort for even the most sensitive skin!

Only for dog owners who truly love their pets!

Hear from others!

Hear from our customers that have used Functionals to help their pet's skin even those with allergies and eczema!